Yin yang

The symbol for yin and yang is called the Taijitu. Yin and yang is the concept of two contrasts. The yin yang symbol is traditionally Chinese and is the symbol for Taoism. The yin yang symbol represents a number of different elements and opposites.

Yin and yang are two components the need each other. Without one the other will strive to appear as if one disappears then the other will disappear with it. It’s like day and night. Let’s say the day time is yin and the dark is yang. If there was no night (yang) then there would be no day. The need each other to help the other out. It’s like people who work in paper mills. You need the day shift and the night shift or people would have to live in the paper mill. Yin and yang are balanced not with there meanings but as a meaning without the yang you couldn’t push out with force to punch and if there was no yin you couldn’t pull back for the punch.

Yin and yang can be broken down into even more detail such as movement. When you go for a punch you pull back using yin and doing that you push out with yang giving the punch power. It’s like pushing a ball. You pull your arm back with yin. Push it out with yang it hits the ground and bounces back up using yin and falls back down again with yang the eventually it slows down and becomes neutral. Not just when pushing a ball but hitting the ball in a game of rounder’s. You pull the bat back with yin and push it forward with yang to launch the ball.

Yin and yang is used in everyday life whether we realize it or not. Yin and yang can be looked at from a large or small perspective. Yin and yang is a very interesting concept full of different meanings.

Written by - Tai-Da Vrikaurvan

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