When walking the Jedi path you will eventually come across meditation. I always found that meditation comes very early on in the Jedi path. But meditation is done not just by Jedi but lots of different people. People such as Taoist’s and Buddhist’s, even some other religious people such as Christians, Muslims and more. But not just religious people, people who don’t follow a religion can meditate. But on the Jedi path the big question is, why do Jedi mediate?

Jedi meditate for a number of reasons. These reasons are,

Clearing the mind for trainingEdit

Every day as a Jedi is a day for training and learning even for Jedi Masters. We are constantly learning and developing our minds. A Jedi student especially needs to do this because he or she is undergoing the main stage of training (learning all the basics etc). A Jedi should have a clear mind for training so they have focus. Without focus a Jedi may be easily distracted or may lead them to wander off topic. This may cause a Jedi to miss out on something important. If the mind is clear then it is easier to take in more information and understand it.

Clearing the mind of negative emotionsEdit

A Jedi should have a peaceful state of mind. A Jedi should be keeping emotions such as happiness, harmony, serenity etc. However a Jedi should not be keeping emotions such as hate, anger, aggression etc as this leads down the dark path. If a Jedi is to keep a healthy mind and stay at peace then he or she must meditate to let go of negative emotions and maintain positive ones.

To find answers within themselvesEdit

When a Jedi is confused about something and is looking for some answers he or she will look to the will of the Force. Sometimes a Jedi may find it hard to concentrate on their feelings while wandering about, so a Jedi should meditate to clear the mind and listen to their feelings. Since the will of the force speaks to us through our feelings it can also help us find answers. When a Jedi is calm at peace he or she may find the answers he or she is looking for.

To feel the ForceEdit

A Jedi Knight or Master should be able to feel the Force when they need to (experienced Jedi) however a Student may not have such a strong connection. Meditation helps a student develop their connection with the Force and feel it more often. Not just Students but Knights and Masters need to keep their connection strong therefore meditation is needed. Meditation helps a Jedi become aware of the Force and its flow. Without meditation it would be very hard to have a strong connection.

To relax the mind body and spiritEdit

A Jedi may feel tired or worn out at the end of a day for some reason and may need to refresh themselves. This way meditation can help relax the body, mind and spirit. Mediation helps let go of tension in the body and mind. And the spirit can become relax from the body and mind relaxing. A Jedi should be relaxed in all of these, and mediation is one of the best ways to do so.

To keep themselves at peaceEdit

A Jedi should always keep the self at peace. This is important as if we are not at peace it is harder to control our inner darkness. Mediation can keep a Jedi at peace as it stills the mind. Relax the body and the mind. This keeps Jedi calm at peace.

Meditation is very important and a Jedi should mediate often. Without mediation a Jedi can lessen them self and do worse than they can potentially do. A Jedi is a keeper of the peace therefore mediation maintains a piece to that puzzle.

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