This is the second line of the Jedi code and like most of them it also can be misunderstood. This line is not to be taken word for word as we all can be ignorant. This line does not mean we are not ignorant therefore we are knowledgeable. This line has a few different meanings as do all of the lines.

We all have our ignorant days when we can’t be bothered to do work or learn. We all have those days. We all are ignorant to some extent. But ignorance is not a very good thing. Ignorance stops us from learning and it can be dangerous if it is something we really need to know.

Jedi seek to learn everyday. We take any opportunity that we are able to take to learn. A Jedi seeks knowledge to improve them self and to help others. Everyday is a day for learning. The learning never stops, even for Jedi Masters. Knowledge is a step to wisdom.

Ignorance is something a Jedi does his or her best to avoid. A Jedi should eventually open his mind up and take any all possibilities and other views therefore an aspect of ignorance is gone and knowledge expands. This is what I call expanding the mind. I expanded my mind through Zen. This might not be the same for other Jedi but anything that works is good.

One thing great about Jediism is that it has connections to different religions such as Taoism, Buddhism, and Shinto and to some extent Islam, Christianity and more. A Jedi should keep other religions and philosophy in mind as it may be a help in their own path.

Also a Jedi should never shake of an opportunity that they find able to take. For example you have no choice but to go somewhere, but let’s say you don’t want to go. A Jedi will not go in a mood and not learn anything. They will accept the reality of the situation and see what they can learn.

It is a Jedi’s duty to live by the Jedi code. This line is not to be taken literally, but overall we are all ignorant at some points but we should do our best to avoid ignorance. But by doing so we should do our very best to learn and expand our minds and knowledge.

Written by - Jedi Tai-Da Vrikaurvan

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