The first line of the Jedi code is “There is no Emotion ; There is Peace”. You may read this line and assume that Jedi have no emotion and they are peaceful. Sorry to say but that is not the case. The link is not to be taken literally. To read this line without looking at its true meaning could cause you to have a very big misunderstanding.

As humans we all have emotions. We all experience different emotions at different levels. Some people experience positive emotions such as love and happiness, and some people experience negative emotions such as hate and anger. But everyone experience different emotions at different levels depending on their world around them. For example if your life is good with little problems and full with friends, money, love, nice home, little problems with money or any other problems you are more likely to have positive emotions in the moment. However if you have a lot of problems such as, no friends, a lot of hate, no money, poor shelter, problems with lots of things you are more likely to have negative emotions in the present.

Also the past can affect are emotion in the now. If we have experienced something horrific in our past or done something we don’t like we can feel guilty, sad, depressed. Different situations past and present can affect how we feel such as death of a loved one, or have a precious possession stolen or something along those lines. Also when people come to you with problems and are looking for advice usually we have some view toward it. We have our own feelings toward it. For example, someone kills someone else and they come to you to speak about it. You may feel this is wrong and become angry at the person. However being a Jedi we put aside this emotion and view and maintain peace by doing what is right.

Emotions can get in the way of peace. If we are constantly getting our emotions involved and letting them take over we will find it very hard to be at peace. We maintain a positive state of mind through positive emotions and push past the negative. This can be done through meditation. But as Jedi we can’t always meditate when the moment arrives. That is why we let the emotions go and push them aside until we get the chance to meditate. We keep our feelings and views on and do what it right.

So this line does not mean we have no emotions therefore we are peaceful. It means we do not let our emotions get in the way of peace. We let our positive emotions keep us in a positive state of mind and we rid ourselves of the negative ones by things such as meditation.

A teaching that can be taught through this line of the code is living in the moment. If we live in the moment we are not focusing on the bad consequences to come or the guilt from the past. By living in the moment we are at peace and we let go of all negative emotions and thought from the future or past.

Written by - Jedi Tai-Da Vrikaurvan

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