Welcome to The Jediism Library

Welcome to The Jediism Library. This website is for everything in connection to the Jedi religion/philosophy. This site is not a Star Wars fan sit nor is it a joke site. This site is for the real religion of the Jedi. On this site you will find articled written by Jedi, Jedi profiles, book recommendations, film recommendations and how all has a connection to the path. Enjoy your stay here at The Jedi Library.

Starting the Path of a JediEdit

When starting the path of a Jedi you have to find something you are comfortable with to start, wether it be meditation, martial arts etc you have to find something to relate your first steps to. Once you have done that then you have to experement. Research and find the things you are interested in. This site offers you the chance to explore all aspects of Jediism. Here you will find many different articles, views, vids and pics. Take your time and enjoy.

The Force be with you

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