Jedi Tai-Da Vrikaurvan

Jedi Tai-Da Vrikaurvan also known as Tai or Tai-Da is a young Jedi Knight located in Aberdeen, Scotland. Tai-Da Vrikaurvan was born on the 19th of March. Tai-Da Vrikaurvan started training as a Jedi when he was only 12 years old under Jedi Instructor Xhaiden. Jedi Tai-Da Vrikaurvan spent much of his time studying and training the Jedi arts. He trained under many different teachers, learning different views and teachings. Although he had a few main teachers he liked to see many different points of view.



Westerton Primary Logo

As a small child Tai has always been different to all the other kids. He was always different and was proud of it. He grew up with little friends but the ones he had he kept close to him. He lived with his mother, father, sister and brother when he was very young but his parents had a divorce when he was a little older. Tai was educated at Byron Park Primary School and Westerton Primary school for Four years. Two years at Byron Park and another two at Westerton.

He stuck in at school, yet he was not the smartest but not the dumbest. Tai was an average school kid. He made a few friends at his school and again kept them close. Tai lived in a part of Aberdeen called Northfield for most of his childhood before his mother moved just out of Aberdeen into Aberdeenshire with her knew partner who was soon to be Tai’s step father. Tai was moved from Northfield to the village of Newmachar in the country.

The Village of Newmachar

New life in a new placeEdit

In Newmachar Tai found himself in an even tougher situation. He didn't know anyone, didn't know the place. He thought everything was a nightmare. He started primary 5 at

Newmachar primary school gate

the newmachar primary school. Tai found a few new friend's and his life in Newmachar started to get better. Tai spent most of his time at his friends house's playing cards games and the gamecube (Games station). He was very into the game "The Legend of Zelda". It was one thing his friends had in common with him. Tai loved Zelda so they played the game together. Again Tai was different to the others but so were his friends. Since his friends were so alike him this made them even closer.

A few years after moving to Newmachar Tai moved into secondary school. He began at Dyce Academy (an academy just outside the village.

Dyce Academy

At Dyce academy he met a few more friends. At this point he was starting to build on his friendship issues. Since more people be-friended him he managed to fit in better.

In Tai's second year at Dyce Academy he started his first serious relationship with a girl. He spent most of his time with her but the first little while together he was not in a good relationship. Tai took an overdose of pills, started to self harm. After Tai had taken an overdoes he began to be a better person. He started walking the Jedi path.

Becoming a JediEdit

When Tai started walking the path of a Jedi he started off with a teacher called Jedi Xhaiden. After a few months he stopped training with him. Eventually Tai was training under many teachers learning different views and concepts. By the age of 15 he was a knowledgable apprentice. At the age of 16 Tai-Da became a Jedi Knight after being trained by his last teacher Arron.

Tai then took on his own apprentice Rayd Jaskar and carried on his life as a Jedi.

Fall to the dark Side Edit

After losing his first apprentice to the dark Side, Tai withdrew. In deep meditation, vision in the Force awakened in him. It was no ordinary vision, however.

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