First off all I have respect for myself. I respect most of the decisions I make not just as a Jedi but in life as a whole. Everything I do is meant to happen. It is the will of the force that things happen so I should respect myself for the decisions I make. Also I think that everyone should have some level of self respect. If not they are most likely to be suffering something such as depression. If you do not respect yourself it will be much harder to do well in life. Respecting yourself can also give you a confidence boost and that’s always good especially for those who lack it.

People should respect people’s decisions even if we do not agree. They are doing what they feel is right so we should respect them for being independent. Ok their will always be a time when we disagree but remember There is no Emotion ; There is Peace, so we should not get our views involved. Also respecting another person’s religions and beliefs. People always have different views on religions, cultures and just other person’s beliefs, but that is no reason for us to disrespect it. We have our own views about the force and we wouldn’t like it if our beliefs were being criticised. So we should respect others for what they believe in. Also respecting another person for who they are. We should not pressure people to do anything or change who they are. If we do not like a person we should try and change them. We should just respect them for who they are. Respect goes a long way. It also shows how good you are as a person. As it is easy to respect someone who respects you yet it is harder to respect someone who you don’t likeke.

We should respect that the force is natural and everything it does is natural. Take death for an example we should respect that the force creates and takes life. We should let it come naturally as the force intended. The force is our ally and we use it for guidance. We should respect it for all that it is. Respect to me is very important to any person as it is a Jedi.

Written by - Tai-Da Vrikaurvan

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