One thing I have found about the Jedi Path is that very few Jedi that I know believe in Jedi Ranks. What are the reasons for this? I have wondered for a while. Well one is because it may cause a Jedi to become impatient and rush through training or it may show arrogance etc. However many Jedi have forgotten that this happens when they are misused.

Jedi Ranks have a good purpose if used correctly. Ranks give a Jedi the ability to set targets. This will help them do better in training if they have a goal. But ranks are not titles as such. They simply show how far on a Jedi is in training neither more nor less. Ranks can be very helpful but what are the ranks?

Jedi ApprenticeEdit

An apprentice is a student who is undergoing a certain type of training whether its master and apprentice, academy training or even solo training. An apprentice at the beginning will know very little. This is what I call the “main stage training”, going over all the basics all the “textbook” teachings. An apprentice will eventually learn enough to move into knighthood. If you are with a Master he or she will present you with knighthood. If you are in an academy the academy will, and if you are solo training it will be through your own judgement and feelings. Once you are into knighthood you move on to the next rank.

Jedi KnightEdit

A Jedi Knight is a Jedi who has completed the “main stage training” and is now looking to expand on things themselves. A knight may take extra courses or start writing his or her own teachings. A knight simple goes with the flow and gains experience from what he or she experiments with etc. This is what I can “open training”. Open training is looking for experience to expand on your knowledge. A knight can take on an apprentice and teach. Eventually a knight will feel he or she has gained enough experience and knowledge to move into masterhood. Masterhood is when a knight becomes a master. Once a knight completes masterhood he or she moves up to the next rank.

Jedi MasterEdit

Jedi Masters are the ones who seem most wise. While apprentice is for knowledge and knight is for experience a master is for both. A master needs both knowledge and experience to be a master. A Master simple goes with the flow and carries on as if he or she were a knight teaching others, learning more and experiencing more. A Master is just like an experienced knight.

Written by - Tai-Da Vrikaurvan

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