“The key to improving yourself is to know and accept that you need improvement”:- Tai-Da Vrikaurvan

I was reading through the chapters of the Tao-Te-Ching when I found a particular chapter that made my mind think more than the others. At first I came to thinking it had a relation to the look of things and about unlearning, but when I thought longer about it, I came to a different conclusion. It’s chapter 71 of the Tao-Te-Ching and it reads,

“Not-knowing is true knowledge.

Presuming to know is a disease.

First realize that you are sick;

then you can move toward health.

The Master is her own physician.

She has healed herself of all knowing.

Thus she is truly whole."

Many people I have known in my life have been very arrogant. Thinking they are perfect and they do not need help, advice or improvement. This is a not something we should dislike a person for, but we should help them see they are not perfect and to help them improve. The first step to that is showing them they are not perfect.

This chapter of the Tao-Te-Ching to me is all about knowing you are not perfect. Everyone has places to improve and we should know that we don’t know. But if we cannot see that we are not perfect how can we improve? We can’t. We have to realize we need improvement and then improve ourselves from the realization.

Everyone even Jedi are not perfect but this is not an excuse. This is a reason to take any opportunity given to us to learn and expand our knowledge. We cannot be perfect but we can at least aim for that. If we aim for that we will gain much more than if we were to aim lower

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