Most people, upon hearing that there are people who believe in the Force,

would ask for proof. That's actually very simple. Obi-wan Kenobi describes the

Force as an energy field that permeates all things. Ask any scientist what we are

made of at an atomic level, and he or she will say “Energy”. All physical objects,

alive or otherwise, are made of energy.

Luke Skywalker's teachers, Obi-wan and Yoda, both speak about “feeling”

the Force. This chapter is designed to provide you with proof that the Force does

exist, and that it is currently flowing through your body right now. The 7 steps I've

designed to feel the Force have a basis in Taoist “chi” exercises, and have been

tested by many Jedi, and most, if not all, have successfully felt the Force course

through their body.

Step 1: ComprehensionEdit

The first step in learning to feel the Force is understanding what exactly you

are about to do. The Force is something that is always in you, and you can, by

force of will, move it in different directions through your body. The feeling itself

can be described as a rush, or more to the point, like falling in love. You will feel

light. You might say, you feel "enlightened". The method is about raising energy

up through you, and therefore raising your senses to a higher level.

Step 2: BreathingEdit

Breathing is important in many spiritual endeavors. Martial arts, meditation,

etc. Here you will apply breathing to filling yourself with energy.

First, sit comfortably, with your back straight and perpendicular to the floor.

Rest your hands in your lap, one cupped inside the other. Now, taking deep

breaths, inhale through your nose and imagine light and energy flowing into you

and filling you up. Exhale out your mouth and imagine darkness or empty space

coming out of you.

Repeat that step until you can see in your mind's eye that your body is filled

with light energy.

Step 3: FocusEdit

Imagine all the energy that has filled your body starting to gravitate toward

the base of your spine. See it collect there and concentrate itself into a small point

of focused energy. Take as much time as you need to do this step and the one

before it.

Step 4: ElevationEdit

Allow the point of energy to begin rising up through your body along your

spine. This is where the feeling of flowing energy will manifest itself. As it travels

up through you, you may begin to have a sense of elation. If not, take your time,

repeating the first 3 steps. You may not feel anything yet, but with practice you


Step 5: ReleaseEdit

The energy will rise to the top of your head. Next you must allow it to break

free from your body. Allow the energy to flow out of you, like a river fed by the

point of energy at the base of your spine. Also allow that point of energy to be fed

by the Force around you, so that an infinite continuous stream of energy is flowing

up through you and out.

Step 6: RelaxationEdit

By now, if you have been successful, you will understand why I described it

as feeling like falling in love. Now that you have achieved this feeling, it's time to

relax and let go of it.

Allow the flow of the energy to slow, gradually. Take deep breaths. Allow the

flow to stop. Move your body a little at a time. Because the experience can

sometimes be so powerful, moving too quickly can be disorienting. Allow yourself

to ease out of the experience, getting up only when you feel normal again.

Step 7: PracticeEdit

You may or may not have been successful in feeling the Force. Most are able

to feel something on their first try, but for some, including myself, it took many

practice sessions before being able to truly feel the rush. In time, you may even

have the ability to experience this flow at will, even during daily activities.

Written by - Streen

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