“The only true control we have is over ourselves, but control over others is limited. You have as much control as they give you.”:- Tai-Da Vrikaurvan

We should always be in control of ourselves, by being humble, patient and having restraint we are more in control over how we act. Control is very important as without it we are more likely to do wrong things. For example if you can’t restrain yourself you might hit someone for saying something you didn’t like however if we do have restraint we would be able to hold ourselves back and let the thought go. However there are some things we cannot really control, as we cannot control the way we feel about someone, but we can push past it. Example you may know someone that has something about them you do not like. We cannot control they way we feel about their flaws but we can push past it and see the other things that are good about them.

We should not try to control other people, but this does not mean we cannot suggest something or ask them to do something. Other people give us as much control as they want. People have “free will” therefore they are ultimately in control. If they don’t want to do something they won’t. But sometimes people do what another person asks if they don’t want because of being bribed but by giving into the bribe they give us a little bit of control. But we have to remember that control was given to us. Control over others is given and the only true control we have is over ourselves.

To lose control over ourselves is to be vulnerable to the dark side. Although the force does not have sides as people we do so we exist within the force, therefore the force has no sides but the sides exist within it, just not a part of it. If we lose control over ourselves we can choose wrong actions and start to walk down the dark path and cloud our mind and judgement.

Written by - Tai-Da Vrikaurvan

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