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“I can’t tell you everything the force is. But I can tell you that overall it is a mystery.”:- Tai-Da Vrikaurvan

When people are learning about the force most Jedi find it best to break the force down into three main aspects. Personal, Living and Unifying/Guiding. These aspects do not actually exist it is just a way of understanding the force better. Each aspect has a different purpose and each part is just as important as the other.

Personal ForceEdit

The Personal aspect of the force seems kind of obvious as it’s in the name. This is the part that is our personal force connection and control. This part allows us to be “force sensitive”. Without this we would have no feeling of the force. Each person has their own strength of connection, some can be weak and some can be strong. It is different in everyone. That is why it is called personal. If we want to use our personal force all skills that come from it are about control. Meditation enhances this ability as meditation strengthens your connection with the force and will allow you to feel it stronger and more often. Without this Personal aspect we would have no feeling of the force and would have no concept of controlling it within ourselves.

Living ForceEdit

The Living aspect of the force is the source of all energy. It creates life and takes it away. This allows us to live without it humans and all life would not exist. Learning to use the living force we can enhance our senses. We can learn great skills such as sensing vibes in the air or sensing a person’s presence. Living force flows through everything and without it we would not have person force either.

Unifying/Guiding ForceEdit

The Unifying/Guiding force is what gives us purpose, personality and knowledge. This aspect of the force is what shows us right from wrong through our feeling. If we feel it is wrong then it is if we feel it’s right then it is. This is how the force speaks to us. This is called the will of the force. Skills that can be learned through this aspect of the force are about altering. Things such as telekinesis. These skills are seen as the most difficult to learn. Without this aspect we would have no concept of the force, life or anything.

As you can see each aspect has a specific purpose but if one is gone then the others have no point. Of course the aspects don’t exist but they help to teach us about the force. Also remember there are not sides either. They are simple the force.

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