“Many of us don’t realize how fortunate we are. Appreciate every single thing in your life and you will realize how fortunate you are”:- Tai-Da Vrikaurvan

When I started training with one of my mentors the first lesson he gave me was on appreciation. He taught me how he learned to appreciate everything when he was in hospital and that he noticed how much he took things for granted. I tried to appreciate everything but I noticed eventually I wasn’t appreciating everything.

I was waiting for my fiancée one day and was walking about till it was time to meet her. I came across a skate park with “R.I.P Bethan Webb”. This was one of my fiancée’s friends who had passed away. Seeing this when I was in a little bit of a negative mood made me realize how lucky I am. And that I needed to appreciate everything even the gift of being alive.

I believe this wasn’t a random finding but a sign. Nothing happens by accident and this was to make me realize how much I need to appreciate things. After this I started to appreciate things a little more and I like to think now I appreciate most things.

We all need to realize how lucky we are to have the things we do as there are some people who have nothing. There are people in poor countries who can’t even feed themselves. We are all very fortunate and we should all remember to appreciate having life.

Written by - Tai-Da Vrikaurvan

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